Marketing your home is a complex task and it has to be tailored to your particular property.
A successful marketing plan should start with identifying first the current real estate market. Realtors put money and work into selling listings and a smart approach to marketing requires knowledge.

There are always variables in the sale of a property. Deciding on the methods of marketing is paramount in ensuring your home gets the most exposure possible and your property listing is being strategically placed in front of the right buyers.

When marketing your property for sale we employ a variety of traditional and non traditional methods, once the home is professionally cleaned, staged and photographed. Our marketing plan starts being implemented the moment you have signed the dotted lines in the exclusive listing agreement.

Tailored to your specific property and the demographic, our marketing strategy always brings results.  We use a reverse marketing technique and start by identifying your buyer avatar or persona. Who is most likely to want to move here? Are they a family? Do they want kids? Where do they currently live? What's most important to them? What's your lifestyle now and what do they want to achieve. Once we have the avatar, we deploy the online/ off line campaigns with maximum effectiveness.

Traditional Marketing:
This system includes anything from face to face, open houses, word of mouth advertising, direct mail and print advertising, to door to door and professional real estate signage. While traditional techniques work, we have the latest technology that allows us to market beyond it.

Digital Advertising:
Leveraging technology, your home has the ability to get into everyone's smart phone through your unique QR code and a specific property website. We believe there is no second chance to make a first impression, so your property website features the best your home has to offer. We only use professional photography and videography, 3D virtual tour, twilight photography and drone videos if the location is one of the best features your home offers. We make sure that if your home gets into a beauty contest, your home wins! Our digital marketing channels, E-flyers, email marketing to segmented lists of possible clients that meet the avatar criteria, targeted paid ads and social media platforms offer us endless possibilities to hit our target demographics.

Special Marketing:
Some properties and certain situations require a specific reach or what we like to call a "niched reach". We employ various channels in reaching that specific audience, using our global RE/MAX network and nich-based magasines. We leave no stones unturned to get your property seen and sold!

In conclusion, the possibilities are truly endless when you list your home with me and I do have the tools, the technology and the know-how to get your home sold fast and for top dollars!
Contact me today and let's discuss your home's specific marketing strategies that will ensure a successful sale!